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Level Term Life Insurance Cover

Be reassured that your family has cover if you die. From just £5 per month.

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Life Insurance Basics

Who is Level Term Life Insurance for?

Level Term Insurance could help your family maintain their standard of living, giving you the peace of mind that they are covered if you die within the term.


Maybe for you if…

  • You’d like your loved ones to receive a payout if you die within the term chosen
  • You need a fixed sum payout, for example, for an interest-only mortgage

Maybe not for you if…

  • You need to cover a repayment mortgage
  • If you’d prefer the policy to last your entire lifetime
Level Term Life Insurance Cover

What is Level Term Life Insurance?

The Reviti Level Term Life Insurance provides an agreed lump sum for your loved ones if you should die during the term.

Which Life Insurance policy is right for me?

Life Insurance can be confusing, but Reviti makes it simple. Our handy guide will take you through the different types of policies that may suit your needs.

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Level Term vs Decreasing Term

With a Level Term Life Insurance policy, your family will be paid the pre-agreed lump sum, if you die within the term. For Decreasing Term Life Insurance, the cash sum payout reduces throughout the term of the policy.

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What does Level Term Life Insurance cover?

Providing an agreed lump sum for your loved ones if you die during the term is the primary function of Level Term Life Insurance.

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Level term Life Insurance

How does Level Term Life Insurance work?

  • You’ll pay a fixed monthly payment for the term of your policy
  • The payout amount is fixed for the term of your policy

Cover amount stays the same

Monthly payment stays the same

Years of cover

Frequently asked questions

You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers.

How do I know how much Life Insurance cover I need?

You’ll need to consider a few things, like any specific lump sum you’d like to leave, how old your children are and how long they may be financially dependent on you, how long before you retire, your mortgage or rent commitments and other debts.

What type of cover do you offer?

You can choose between decreasing cover or level cover. Decreasing cover reduces over the term and is often used to protect against a repayment mortgage, so as you pay off more of your mortgage (and therefore owe less to your bank or building society) the amount of Life Insurance reduces. Level cover will pay a set lump sum that will not change during the term of the policy.

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