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How we compare

Reviti, the difference is clear

We treat people as individuals, not statistics. We offer different pricing for smokers, vapers, quitters and everyone in between, whilst rewarding you if you quit all tobacco, nicotine and vaping altogether for 12 months or more*.

You must have paid 12 month's payment on time. Terms and Conditions apply.

Reviti Life vs other insurers


Typical insurers

Life Insurance cover for both smokers and non-smokers

Different pricing for vapers, heated tobacco and e-cigarette users

Get a years’ Life Insurance payments* back if you quit tobacco and nicotine altogether for twelve months or more

* You must have paid 12 months’ payments on time. Terms and Conditions apply
Reviti Rewards a better lifestyle

Live Better. Get Payback.

As well as offering great Life Insurance rates, we’ll give you 12 months’ Life Insurance payments if you quit tobacco, nicotine and vaping altogether for 12 months or more*.

We’ll also seek to reduce your monthly payments in line with your new status.

More about Reviti Payback

12 Months Payback
We’re in the business of paying claims

Keeping claims simple

Scottish Friendly, our chosen product provider, will be able to provide the guidance and support you need during this challenging time. In 2020 they paid 99.8% of all Life Insurance claims**

More about Life Insurance claims

Father And Son

The Life Insurance for smokers, switchers, quitters & everyone in between

Simple, affordable Life Insurance

Fast, straightforward application

We don’t believe in long awkward forms, just quick, straightforward Life Insurance cover, with no jargon, done in minutes. We’re here to help, not confuse.


Product provided by Scottish Friendly

For over 150 years, Scottish Friendly has been passionate about making insurance available to everyone, and Reviti shares that passion.

A mutual company

Scottish Friendly is owned by and run for the benefit of their 500,000+ members.

99.8% of claims paid

In 2020 Scottish Friendly paid 99.8% of all Life Insurance claims.**

Frequently asked questions

You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers.

Who is Reviti?

Reviti are a Life Insurance champion for adult smokers, quitters (the best thing a smoker can do), and switchers (those who would otherwise continue to smoke, choosing to use smoke-free alternatives).

We believe these people are under-represented by a Life Insurance industry that hasn’t moved with the times. Everyone has the right to look out for their family.

Who owns Reviti?

Reviti is owned by Philip Morris International (PMI). PMI is committed to working towards a smoke-free future.

How is Reviti different?

Most insurance providers have long treated smokers, vapers and heated tobacco users the same, meaning they pay the same monthly insurance payments as a smoker of the same age. At Reviti we do things differently with our pricing and distinguish between switchers and quitters on the one hand and smokers on the other. If you are a policyholder and you quit tobacco, nicotine and vaping altogether for 12 months or more, we offer Reviti Payback, which is 12 months of your payments paid back to you, once your policy has been in force for 12 months and you have made all your monthly payments on time. This is just to say ‘Well done!’ from Reviti. Please see the full terms and conditions for Reviti Payback. We'll also seek to reduce your monthly payments in line with your new ex-smoker status.

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